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Charitable Hospital, Kottakkal

The Arya Vaidya Chikitsa Sala was established in 1924 at Kottakkal. The main wing of Arya Vaidya Sala's charitable activities, the hospital provides free Ayurvedic and Allopathic treatments to the poor and needy patients. It also operates a Maternity Home, a Surgical Unit, a Panchakarma Ward, a Clinical Research Ward and a Poison Treatment Ward. It is presently engaged in conducting clinical research in the fields of cancer, rheumatoid/osteo arthritis and is also collaborating in clinical research on sickle cell anaemia.

The establishment of Charitable Hospital is very significant not only in the history of Arya Vaidya Sala but in the history of the evolution of Ayurvedic system of health care also. P.S. Varier established this facility for imparting practical instruction to the students of his Ayurveda College. He set up an Allopathic wing also, to function separately from Ayurvedic wing, for giving lessons in anatomy, physiology and surgery. These wings are continuing to function parallely even now, but on a much larger scale. The patients can opt either Ayurvedic or Allopathic course of treatment. About 1000 patients attend the out patient unit every day. Allopathic drugs are bought from the market by Arya Vaidya Sala and given free to the patients. The classical Ayurvedic medicines are also given free to the patients. The IP unit, which can accommodate about 140 patients at a given time, provides medicines, therapy, food and accommodation free of cost to needy patients. This free service amounted to Rs. 4.5 crores in recent years. More importantly, the Charitable Hospital facility, over the period of time, has expanded its areas of operation. It has become a centre for clinical research. Cancer, diabetes, rheumatoid and osteo arthritis and sickle cell anaemia are the areas in which clinical research is being carried out. There is an Ethical Committee and Clinical Research Committee which supervise the research activities.

Vaidyaratnam P. S. Varier's
Arya Vaidya Sala, Kottakkal
Charitable Hospital
Kottakkal (P.O.),
Malappuram (Dist.),
Kerala – 676 503,
Telephone: +91 - 483 2742212.
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