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There is a variety of Ayurvedic medicines. Arya Vaidya Sala manufactures more than 530 classical formulations which fall in the following nine categories:

These formulations are adapted from several classical text books. Their manufacture and marketing are licensed by the Drug Controlling Authority of the State Government. The manufacturing activity is also granted GMP certification by the Government.

The principles and methodology of medicine preparation are based on classical tenets. However modern technological and industrial methods are adapted to possible extent. For example, basic cooking is now done in pharmaceutical grade stainless steel vessels by using steam as the source of heat. Vacuum evaporation is employed for concentration step. Several electro-mechanical equipments are used for size reduction of herbs, pulverisation, sifting, grinding, filling and packing, etc.

Similarly, Quality assurance procedures have also been adapted considerably from the methods of modern chemistry and physics.

On an average, 20-30 herbs are used in the preparation of a medicine. There are rare instances when more than a hundred herbs go into the making of a medicine. There are others which take months to get prepared as a lot. Ayurvedic medicine manufacture is material-intensive, time-intensive, labour-intensive and also water-intensive. They form the main cost contributory factors.

Arya Vaidya Sala uses more than 4000 tons of raw material (about 600 items) in a year to produce 530 formulations for the market. A rough estimate of annual consumption by Arya Vaidya Sala:

1. Milk - 13 lakh litre
2. Oil - 5 lakh litre
3. Ghee - 180 ton
4. Honey - 290 ton
5. Jaggery - 750 ton
6. Saffron - 856 kg
7. Cardamom - 14 ton
8. Tippali - 30 ton
9. Ativitayam - 12 ton
10. Kurumtotti - 480 ton

Quantum of total production
Solid formulations - 700 ton
Fluid formulations - 31 lakh litre
Total number - 530 items

These formulations are made available to patients and doctors through a network of 22 branches and more than 1200 authorised dealerships spread all over the country.

Recently, Arya Vaidya Sala has embarked on a venture of modernising some of the conventional dosage forms by converting them into more user compliant forms.

Example :
  a) Bitter tasting liquid kashayam into the more convenient form of tablet.
  b) Incinerated Bhasmam into more reliable and accurate dosage form of capsule.
  c) Messy and greasy tailam into more convenient and less greasy form of gel.

All these modifications are attempted only after confirming about retaining the original quality of the traditional medicines by conducting a series of formulation and clinical studies.

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