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Please advice the best time of the year to have ayurvedic treatment?
 The best time for treatment is June-September and December- February.

What is the duration of the treatment each day? What do we do the rest of the day?
The duration of each treatment is one hour and various procedures as required for the patient would be scheduled.

What should we bring when we come there for treatment? Say test results, clothing etc..
  You should bring all the relevant medical reports and clothings for your daily use.

What are the other facilities in the hospital like – laundry, Newspaper, Fax, Internet, telephone, mobile access etc..?
  All the above facilities are available here.

Is there any additional charge for bystanders staying in the room?
  One bye-stander is allowed to stay with the patient without any extra charge. If there is more than one , 25% of the room rent is charged as extra. If the patient is less than 10 years of age, two bystanders are allowed without any additional charge.

Is there any additional amount the patient is supposed to pay other than the accommodation charges, medicine cost and treatment cost?
  In addition to the accommodation charges, medicine cost and treatment cost, the patient has to pay for food, telephone etc. The quoted approximate amount in fact is for Room rent medicine and treatment only. All additional services like TV, Fridge, Cooking gas, Laundry etc are chargable.

Do you have a canteen facility in the hospital?
 Yes. We have a vegetarian canteen inside the hospital. Room service is also available.

Can we go sightseeing during the leisure time?
  Limited outings are allowed during the day, depending upon the nature of disease and lines of treatment.

Do you arrange pick-up from railway station/airport?
 On request from patients we shall arrange vehicles.

Do you have wheel chair facility in the hospital?

Are the rooms equipped with fridge, color television, provision for connecting laptops etc..?
Fridge is available in Suite/VIP Rooms. TV can be arranged on extra remittance. Internet facility is also available in selected rooms.

Could you please advice the nearest location from where we can purchase medicines?
Please refer our branch/dealership details.

Could you please send us the details of admission formalities in the Ayurveda College?
  You may contact Principal ,VPSV Ayurveda College, Kottakkal . Phone: :+91 483 2742251

Are you a government institution or private?

Could you please send us color e-brochures on the facilities offered and the kinds of treatments rendered.
Yes. Please mail your request to or you may please download the same yourself.

How long will it take to reply to on-line consultation and how much do you charge?
We shall get back to you within 48 hours in reply to the on-line consultation. Consultation is 100% free.

Could you please list out the publications that you deal with?
Please refer Publication details.

Do you have parking facility in the hospital?
Covered parking facility is available.

Do you start the treatment on the same day of admission?
 Generally morning admissions are scheduled for the afternoon treatment on the day of admission.

Do you have separate masseurs for male/female patients?

Could you please tell me the exact location of the institution.
In Malappuram District, Kottakkal, KERALA, INDIA. Nearest airport is Karippur about 26 Kms from hosiptal. Rly station is 14 kms away from Kottakkal. View map

Could you please suggest some books which I can use as a instant reference material on Ayurveda?
  Please refer Publication details.

Do you send ayurvedic medicines abroad? If yes, whom should we contact?
You may kindly fill in the On line Questionaire based on which we shall prescribe medicines. On receipt of the payment we shall despatch the medicine through courier. You may please use the Order Form for ordering of medicines.

Please send me the list of medicine outlets in Mumbai.
Please visit the Products> Outlets> Branches.

Please tell us about the climate. Should we bring any sweaters or rugs?
The climate is moderate. No warm clothing’s are required.

Please inform us whether the admission/discharge is possible on Sunday or not.
Admission/discharge is possible on Sundays.

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