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Aharyam  In kathakali, the characters/artists do not speak. Acting is four fold. 1) Angikam - message conveyed through gestures, 2) Vacikam - oral communication, 3) Satvikam - mode of expressing action, etc., 4) Aharyam - the costumes/attire 
Angikam  In Kathakali, the way by message conveyed through gestures 
Arishta/Asava  Fermented formulation 
Aryavaidya Pathasala  Former Ayurvedic schools/colleges 
Aryavaidyan  Officially Ayurvedic Physician 
Ashtangahridayam  One of the classical ayurvedic texts, author: Vaghbhata 
Ashtangasariram  Text book of Anatomy (ayurveda) by Vaidyaratnam P.S.Variar 
Ashtavaidyas  A group of traditional Brahmin families of Kerala, who where exclusivly engaged in the practice and teaching of Ayurveda 
Atalotakam  Adathoda beddomei, F. Acanthaceae 
Atharvaveda  Atharvaveda is one of the four vedas, often called the “fourth veda”. The fixation of the texts of these recensions likely dates to roughly 600 BC 
Aturavrittam  Patient's regime 
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